The HYP Story

HYPE (verb): promote or publicize a product or idea intensively

HYP Creative Communications was born from a passion for helping clients better communicate their stories and a drive to meet their goals by approaching challenges in inventive ways. Inspired by her years working with brilliant industry peers, Sarah Rachul applied her learnings and passion to the launch of her own company. HYP is built on extensive tech industry knowledge and the innovative thinking that takes any client's existing strategies and elevates them to what is required of every company in today's 24/7 connected world: CREATIVE communications. 


HYP Creative Communications Founder and President

A storyteller at heart, Sarah has a passion for helping clients discover and tell their own stories utilizing the unique thought process of a millennial raised on every type of story from classic Disney fairytales, to the timeless words of Jane Austen, to the historical mysteries of Dan Brown. She kept those stories close during her agency years and approached every project and campaign with the attitude that creative inspiration could lead to dynamic strategic communications.

Sarah comes to every meeting caffeinated and excited to explore the path to finding every company's story, driving success and having fun along the way. She cares as deeply about her work as she does about her clients and prides herself on building meaningful professional relationships with everyone from CEOs to industry influencers. If you're interested in getting to know Sarah better, send her an email at:


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